Radical Impressionist: A Mathematician Paints

Karen Halbert, a Mathematician and Artist, transforms the beauty and patterns she sees in the numerical universe into the natural world of her paintings. Dynamic symmetry contributes to the underlying harmony of her pictures. Halbert spent her childhood in the American west and, following in the footsteps of many artists, returned to her roots to capture on canvas the special quality of the Southwest. Though it is in Santa Fe that Karen has found her true home, she can be seen painting en plein-air in the fields throughout New Mexico as well as in locations such as the Grand Canyon, the Pacific coast of California and the beaches of Hawaii. In her studio, Halbert uses sketches and photographs from her plein-air work to create images full of the emotions she feels while working out-of-doors.

Karen is active in the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, serving as volunteer Webmaster for many years (www.papnm.org).

She is indebted to mentors Albert Handell, Bill Gallen, Doug Higgins, Roger Williams, Lois Griffel and Michele Byrne among others.


The Marigold Arts Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, representing Karen for many years, closed recently. Inquiries about paintings should now be made directly through karen.halbert@gmail.com.

Karen is now working on her blog, A Mathematician Paints (see below). Keep an eye out for announcements.

Email: karen.halbert@gmail.com
Web site: www.karenhalbert.com

www.karenhalbert.blogspot.com Karen's Blog with posts on Mathematics in Art. Soon there will be many posts on Composition from a Mathematician's point of view.

www.facebook.com/karen.halbert.92 Karen's Facebook Page
www.papnm.org Plein Air Painters of New Mexico


www.loisgriffel.com Lois Griffel
www.alberthandell.com Albert Handell
www.billgallen.com Bill Gallen
www.dhfa.net Doug Higgins
www.rogerwilliamsart.com Roger Williams
www.michelebyrne.com Michele Byrne
www.judyhowells.com Judy Howells