1-day Workshop at the Bluebird Studio: Composition and Armatures

A 1-day introduction to the use of Dynamic Symmetry and Harmonic Armatures in Composition for beginning and advanced painters. - and for art lovers and collectors.
At the fabulous Bluebird Studio in Santa Fe
Saturday, November 4, 2023

Composition Armature Class Notes Flip Book View

From the Classical Greek Era to the present, artists have been using armature or grid systems based on musical and mathematical principles to help create harmonious paintings. The armatures form a scaffolding for paintings, providing stability and a road map for the design.
Participants will learn how to use armatures to design their paintings or to evaluate existing paintings. Examples of artwork will be analyzed - participants' and Master Artist paintings.
Karen has a background teaching introductory math to liberal arts students. After leaving the academic world and a career in computers in Manhattan she moved to Santa Fe and has been a practicing artist for over 20 years. When the long-standing Canyon Road Gallery representing her closed two years ago, Karen began to devote herself to research in areas where Mathematics touches Art.

* "Radical" is a play on words; it's the term Mathematicians use for 'root'; eg, square root. But in addition, radicals play a part in armatures.
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Basic Dynamic Symmetry Armature
Expanded Dynamic Symmetry Armature
PHI Dynamic Symmetry Armature with a Golden Spiral Approximation
Basic 14-line Harmonic Armature
Montage of Karen's paintings with armatures.
Land Abstraction I 8x13
Land Abstraction I. Expanded+ Dynamic Symmetry with a Spiral
Land Abstraction I Harmonic Armature
Turbulent Waters I 12x16
Turbulent Waters I Dynamic Symmetry
Turbulent Waters I Harmonic Armature
Ashley Pond Los Alamos 12x16
Ashley Pond Los Alamos Expanded Dynamic Symmetry
Ashley Pond - Los Alamos Harmonic Armature