2022 Sold/gifted

Will include work donated, gifted or sold during 2022. As of March several watercolors now reside in San Diego. The Marigold Arts Gallery on Canyon Road is officially closed (as of Jan 2022). I've decided not to look for a another gallery. Visit my Recent or Available paintings' tabs and if interested in any painting write to karen.halbert@gmail.com.
Balboa Park Museum of Us (gift)
Tectonic Uplift (gift)
Lake Murray Trail (gift)
Central Park 1 (gift)
Rose (gift)
Bridge-Schaller-Demo (gift)
March On Chambers Street (after Thomas Schaller) Gift.
Diablo Canyon Evening (2022 LCCF)
Aspen Fusion (GIFT)
Chamisa Fields (2022 LCCF)
Lake Murray, San Diego Water Works I (gift)
Gray and Blue Lake Murray (gift)