As I begin to revisit watercolors I will add new paintings to this exhibit. Click on image for details. I will be studying the masters of watercolor for a while, trying to remember all I learned long ago from a master Watercolorist, Betsy Jacaruso. I am studying her exquisite work but I also am studying the work of Thomas Schaller, architect turned watercolorist, also a true master of the medium. I am enjoying his videos and demos via Watercolor Live, I may even sign up for his ongoing classes. On Mar 14, grand-daughter Kaia's PI birthday, we had an exhibit of may of the new San Diego watercolors and the family members chose the ones they wanted to keep (marked now in the Watercolors' exhibit) AND on the Watercolor Studies' tab.
Oceanside Mission
Balboa Park Tower III
Balboa Park Tower II
Balboa Park Tower I
Balboa Park Promenade
Tectonic Uplift (gift)
Lake Murray Trail (gift)
Central Park 1 (gift)
Rose (gift)
Bridge-Schaller-Demo (gift)
March On Chambers Street (after Thomas Schaller) Gift.
Lake Murray, San Diego Water Works I (gift)
Lake Murray, San Diego Waterworks II
Gray and Blue Lake Murray (gift)
Florence Roof Tops
Storm Coming
My Black Mesa