Radical Impressionist Online Exhibit - Ongoing

Selected paintings and their armatures plus steps in the process (in progress).

Turbulent Wind Paintings Flip Book View

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Blowin' in the Wind with Expanded Dynamic Symmetry
Blowin' in the Wind (Honorable Mention-Taos PAPNM 2020) GIFT
Aspen Glory I (sold 2021)
Turbulent Waters V- Santa Fe River
Turbulent Waters V PHI DS Armature
Turbulent Waters V Reference
Turbulent Waters V Plein Air Setup
Turbulent Waters V Intermediate
Turbulent Waters V Intermediate Stage with River
Turbulent Winds III
Turbulent Winds III Expanded Dynamic Symmetry
Santa Fe River Turbulence (PAAC Award-2016 PAPNM-2017)
Santa Fe River Turbulence Armature
Studio Tour - Aspens and Turbulent Waters
Aspen Glory I Dynamic Symmetry
Aspen Glory Harmonic Armature