Studio Tour - Aspens and Turbulent Waters


Collection of several water landscapes plus Aspen paintings, which seem to complement the water paintings. Over the years I have found myself drawn to the waters again and again. Perhaps this is due to my youth in the Northwest and Hawaii, always in sight of the ocean. Or we camped out at rivers every weekend. Even in NY initially we had a home right on the water and then I spent summers at the Ocean. But even more important for a painter is that as a subject, water lends itself to capturing light and motion, so important in a landscape.

This wall also has small studies and I also included on the wall the newest Santa Fe River plein air painting. Initially I felt it was unfinished, but the more I looked at it the more I was drawn to it, Perhaps the freshness of it as a plein air work allows it to remain easy to look at and live with.

Santa Fe River Painting =>

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