Expanded Dynamic Symmetry Armature (with right Rebated Square)


The Expanded Dynamic Symmetry Armature begins with the Basic Dynamic Symmetry Armature. Rebated squares are formed as follows to provide more structure for designing, when additional information is desired. .
The right rebated square in dashed red is formed by dropping a vertical from the top so that its top edge is the same length as the main rectangle's right edge.. Then the square's diagonals are drawn. The same process occurs on the left.
Sometimes the shorter term, Rebated Squares, is used, but another term is "Rabatment of the rectangle". The rebated square technique has a long history as a design tool. Read More.

  • Main Diagonals: (Blue) from lower left to upper right corners (Baroque); from upper left down to lower right corners (Sinister)
  • Reciprocals: (Turquoise ) lines from corners through main diagonals, perpendicular to the diagonals (at right angles or 90 degrees)
  • Verticals and Horizontals: (Gray) through the intersections of the main diagonals with their reciprocals
  • Intersections of the diagonals with their reciprocals: potential focal points (sometimes called 'eyes') since the right angle ensures maximum thrust or movement
  • (Right) Rebated Square: (red dashed) Square with sides of same length as shorter side of the rectangle.

    Basic Dynamic Symmetry Armature

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