Yellow Cliffs PHI Dynamic Symmetry plus Spiral


Full disclosure: I utilized chat gdp to help with the wording here. "Upon traversing Monastery Road, the commanding presence of the yellow cliffs on the right beckons the artist's gaze, evoking an irresistible urge to capture their essence upon canvas. Utilizing near golden mean dimensions for the painting, I orchestrated a composition designed to guide the viewer's eye along a journey across the canvas, following the subtle curvature of the implied golden spiral. Each brushstroke was meticulously placed to accentuate points of interest, with a deliberate emphasis on the point of sharpest contrast near the right-most dominant cliff, ensuring a captivating visual experience that resonates with the discerning collector".

Armature: The Golden Spiral was a significant part of the design of this painting. The Spiral begins at the upper left and continues down to the bottom center and back up to the upper right. The polar point of the spiral is seen at the upper right. It could have been a little lower. At the time I painted this, I was not utilizing the Dynamic Symmetry armature. However it's noteworthy that many of the cliff lines do seem to align with armature lines. Aspect Ratio, 24/15=1.6 near PHI. More information about the PHI Armature.

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