Turbulent Winds I Dynamic Symmetry


4:3 Aspect Ratio, We wanted the tree to be the focus, and determined from the armature that the focal point would be the bright yellow cluster near the lower left intersection of the diagonal and its reciprocal. We then used the grid to orient the tree branches so that they lead the eye to this focal point. The red flowers lead down to this focal point. An additional look at the painting though, indicates another good focal point, just above it at the upper left intersection of a diagonal with its reciprocal. And even further, perhaps we can consider the diamond shape dictated by these two points as the focal 'area'. Strokes in the sky also lead to down to this focal 'area'. Would the painting have been improved if the top of the ‘grassy’ area were lower, bringing the horizon down a bit? But the sky and the mountains seem to take up a different amount of space. Also, would it have helped if the mountain edges were along a grid line? (It's ok to move mountains).


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