Turbulent Waters III - 4:3 Dynamic Symmetry Armature plus Rabatment


Layers of armature: dynamic symmetry, rebated squares, horizontals between intersection points. The focal area was chosen to be the area around the intersection of the main sinister diagonal (upper left down to lower right corners) and its upper right reciprocal, the perpendicular line from the upper right corner through this diagonal. Note the line of the waterfall leading to this focal area. Perhaps a tree at the top lying along the vertical through this focal point would have helped with the composition. As it turns out, the top trio of trees in the center seem to point to a focal point in the center. In fact, perhaps the main part of the waterfall as a whole is the focal area. Or perhaps if we were to move the waterfall down to the right then there would be no ambiguity as to the focal point. And it would be at the location of the most dynamic thrust or play between the main diagonal and its reciprocal (a future painting).. We note in passing that the emphasis on the sinister diagonal versus the 'baroque' diagonal is said to lead to a more active or turbulent artwork.

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