Marigold Arts Gallery Paintings (current)

Paintings at the Marigold Arts Gallery (www.marigoldarts.com), including any sold during the current year, will be maintained in this list. A red dot indicates sold. Email karen.halbert@gmail.com for more information.I see my style as veering more toward the abstract, with an underlying direction incorporating my love for my other passion, Mathematics. Many paintings utilize the Golden Ratio, with the size proportion nearing the golden mean of 1.16... (e.g., 10x16) and focal point at the spiral's internal limit. Divisions of the canvas are in a golden proportion or near it. But even more important: my use of palette knife encourages me to have fresher colors and texture. I am looking forward to expanding on this direction in 2019 and beyond!!
My Black Mesa Afire
Piedra Lumbre I
Golden Hour
Chama River Cliffs II
Pedernal Sunset I
Yellow Cliffs of New Mexico II
Trekking to the Yellow Cliffs
The Creek Flows
Sandias (sold 2019)
Yellow Cliffs of New Mexico I (sold 2019)
Sky Magic (sold 2019)
Sky Magic II (sold 2019)
Evening becomes Her (sold 2019)
Chama River Cliffs (sold 2019)
Southwest Glory (sold 2019)
Diablo Canyon Morning Glow (sold 2019)
White Place Impending Storm (sold 2019)
High Desert Dawn (sold 2019)
Sky Magic III (sold 2019)