2018 Sold Paintings

Separate list of paintings sold in 2018. 2018 was an exciting year in my development with paintings selling faster than ever before. But in particular, I see my style as veering more toward the abstract, with an underlying direction incorporating my love for my other passion, Mathematics. Many paintings utilize the Golden Ratio, with the size proportion nearing the golden mean of 1.16... (e.g., 10x16) and focal point at the spiral's internal limit. Divisions of the canvas are in a golden proportion or near it. But even more important: my use of palette knife encourages me to have fresher colors and texture. I am looking forward to expanding on this direction in 2019!! Jan 9, 2019.
"Santa Fe River Turbulence" (gift)
Georgia's Backyard Shadows (sold 2018)
As the Chama Churns (sold 2018)
Chama River/Sacred Lands (sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Shadows (sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Cliffs and Clouds (sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Tapestry (sold 2018)
Taos Gorge Last Light (sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Mesa Sunset (sold 2018)
Devil's Canyon (sold 2018)
Rushing Santa Fe RIver (sold in 2018)
Santa Fe Aspen Grove (sold 2018)
Taos Gorge Awakening (sold 2018)
Chama Cliffs Morning (sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Mesa Sunset (Small) #1 (sold 2018)
Chama Cliffs (sold 2018)
Chama River Sunset (sold 2018)
Cliff Medley mini II (sold LCCF 2018)
Cliff Medley mini I (sold LCCF 2018)
Ghost Ranch mini (sold LCCF 2018)
Golden Sangres Aspens Small (sold LCCF 2018)
Taos Gorge Light Play. (sold 2018)
Cliff Dream (Sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Impending Storm (sold 2018)
Cliff Drama 5x7 (sold 2018)
Golden Sangres Aspens (sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Mesa Sunset Small #2 (sold 2018)
Sangres Small (sold 2018)
Rio Grande Gorge (sold 2018)
Chama River Light (sold 2018)
Chama River Sunset (sold 2018)
Ghost Ranch Mesa Sunset 10x8 (sold 2018)
Chama Cliffs Aglow (sold 2018)
Taos Mountain Morning (sold 2018)
High Desert Glory (sold 2018)
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2018 Sold Paintings

Separate list of paintings sold in 2018. 2018 was an exciting year in my development with paintin...

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