New Mexico Art League - Biologuque Exhibits

This exhibit has become an annual one but unfortunately I have not participated since my winters are spent in Arizona. However this IS an exhibition dear to my heart and I might begin submitting paintings even if I have to ship them. "Natural design is a source of infinite variety and form. It can follow complex patterns that can repeat, scale, and progress with incredible complexity and aesthetic beauty. Artists are often moved to capture the whims of Mother Nature and in the process of artistic discovery we have unearthed amazing constants such as the “Golden Mean”, the Fibonacci sequence, Pi, fractals, and mathematical harmony. Nature can display these in the form of storms, erosion, trees, flowers, shells, feathers, and endless other ways. Artists may depict them, whether rooted in reality or imagination, through drawing, painting, photography, or other creative methods. "Is your art inspired by the unique aspects of nature? The New Mexico Art League invited contemporary and traditional artists to participate in this unique art exhibition. " 2015 Opening Reception, Albuquerque.,Oct. 17,5-7:30 My paintings curated into the 2015 show were "Cloud Fractals: and "Chama Striations".
"Chama Striations"
"Cloud Fractals"